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Our personal meetings and consultations take place in a casual setting in the office or online via Zoom.

First you share what you want to achieve – weight loss, weight gain or gain muscle mass, a sports program, or just learning your family for healthier habits.

Then we will measure you on a bio-impulse body analyzer Tanita. You will walk with completely bare feet on the device in seconds. It’s easy.

Here is the most interesting part – wellness assessment: analyzing your body and assessing your eating habits. This is important because it gives us guidance on what you need to change to achieve your goals.

The measurement and analysis of online consultation is replaced by a longer conversation where we learn a lot of the things that interest us.

The outcome of this first meeting is a proposal for a comprehensive program that would deliver your goal. The more you follow this program, the faster you will reach the goal.

We will accompany you and support you in this process. We will track the changes in your body – if you come to the club with scales, analyzers, and centimeters, and if the meetings are online – just by scales and centimeters. The information given to us by these measurements is sufficient for subsequent guidance on the path to the goal.

In our club we use a lot of tools to work with.

  • The main ones are the Academy of Health and different challenges, which along with the program’s implementation are also effective training on healthy eating, cooking, shopping, celebratory and business trips, and many other practical cases.
  • Personal wellness coach.
  • Individual or group nutrition programs.
  • Weekly meetings with the personal trainer.
  • FB groups and chats.
  • A walk in the nature.
  • Inclusion in various club and online events and support forms, etc.


We will not only help you achieve your goals, but will also teach you to keep your results constantly improving, helping your loved ones to do the same.