21 day challenge


21 day challenge is online training and building the right eating habits to achieve certain goals.


  1. Personal trainer, consultation and individual nutrition plan.
  2. Thematic video lectures on nutrition.
  3. Video workouts for home performance.
  4. Sample Healthy Cooking Recipes.
  5. Various personal stories.
  6. Track the results online or by phone.
  7. 21 tea and shake (or aloe and shake) snacks at home and 6 club visits with consumption of tea, aloe, f1 shake and PDM.
  8. 3 wellness ratings.
  9. Right to free wellness assessments for 2 relatives of the participant in the program.


Payment is made on the spot or on cash upon receipt of the product package.


The challenge is activated by the receipt of the fee.

Participants have access to all material in an FB secret group, the Google Classroom, or Telegram.

The results are tracked by a personal trainer.

Participants’ activity is also monitored and tolerated. Activity means posting photos of products (maybe with participants) on the participant’s personal profile on Instagram, FB and any social networks.

For more information call 088 8 153 150.

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