Accelerated summer healthy nutrition course


How healthy do you want to be?

We all want to be healthy and feel energetic, but what we need to do is different for everyone.

Each person’s personal goals are also different.

No matter what yours, we’ll help you become a healthier and happier version of yourself – to look and feel as good as you deserve.


With a balanced and personalized diet that supports a healthy and active lifestyle that we can help you take.

All this and other interesting things you will learn in the accelerated summer course starting on 05.07.2017 (Wednesday) and once a week.

The July 5 lecture is free and you can decide if you want to continue. You could enter the course after this date, too.

Who does this course fit for?

  • For anyone who thinks he needs a change in eating habits.
  • For anyone interested in balanced, healthy eating.
  • For anyone who wants to download or upload pounds.
  • For anyone who wants to cleanse their body from the accumulated harmful substances.
  • For anyone who wants to be healthy, full of energy and lots of smiles.

For subscription and more information call 0888153150 – Galina Mihaylova or request from the site menu.

It will be enjoyable and fun, and you will care for professionals, top coaches in healthy eating.