Are you “chipped”?

Are you "chipped"?

Are you “chipped”?

This is one of the common jokes when it comes to vaccinations. And is it a joke?

What do you think, is it possible to put a microchip through a liquid vaccine?

This, and a few more questions (5G, Chemtrails, HAARP, etc.) are perhaps quite fertile ground to study the effect of Dunning-Kruger. As well as for fans of world conspiracies.

And the answer to the above question is actually, “ Yes, you can certainly get a microchip with a liquid vaccine.”

The answer is yes, but that is not the question that should be asked.

The ranking for the smallest microchip for years is led by HITACHI. The best technological achievement is now 0.05 by 0.05 mm, and its thickness is even smaller.

But what can this smallest microchip do?

In general, almost nothing. There is no computing power. All it does is hold a long number (up to 38 digits so far) and send it on request via RFID.

RFID microchip

This communication takes place at a distance of no more than 30 cm outdoors (if it is under the skin or anywhere else in the body, the distance drops dramatically).

But otherwise, yes! Its size easily allows passing through a medical needle, even relatively thinner.

Someone will say, “Oh, but they (maybe the Illuminati) have 2-3 times better technology than the best companies in the world!”

Even so, what of it?

Any reasonable person understands that this feature (RFID), especially at this distance, does absolutely nothing. Even for the most conspiratorial theories. Ie such a microchip is completely functionally useless. From such a distance, fingerprints, face shape or even a password do the same job – what do they need to fill us with chips for?

Of course, there are also fully functional microchip implants that can perform a specific task. But they are already hundreds and thousands of times larger than the RFID microchip (see photo). In addition, all their functionality is limited to an even smaller distance – only a few centimeters or in the area of ​​contact (ie do not emit anything).


Perhaps in years to come, useful functionality of such implants will be discovered. But they will certainly enter our lives widely only when their benefits begin to far outweigh our worries. And there will certainly be benefits – for health, for financial transactions, identification and other similar things.

In that case, such technology gadgets would already have a future. For the time being, only the ownership of cows, dogs and other animals and pets will remain a priority. And for some personal (family) purposes of people who have the knowledge, abilities and finances to do so.

Things are connected – the implantation of microchips is not developing intensively because there is no market. There is no market – no investment in research in this area. There are no scientific developments – no market – the circle is closing.

Certainly, if someone finds a functional benefit from them, they will develop sharply and hopefully then the legislation will not start to limit the technology itself, instead of the actions of the people who have this technology. In practice, this usually happens because incompetence in legislation around the world prevails.

If you have a different opinion, feel free to comment.