Beauty Party


Do you know which the largest organ is in the human body?

The skin! And not only it is the largest, but also one of the most important – it is the borderline furrow with the hostile environment.

And not only.

Beautiful skin is something that everyone dreams of.

Many people give huge resources to preserve youth and beauty. So much so that they even bother to share this with their loved ones. At the same time, not enough to trust professionals to take care of them.

And skin care can also be easy and complete at home.

However, for beautiful and healthy skin, many environmental, lifestyle and nutrition factors are important – things you will learn and try with us in a pleasant, cool and friendly atmosphere.

We will show you and give you the opportunity to try and learn how to maintain healthy, radiant skin with a few easy steps.

We will have fun and test unique Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller-based natural cosmetics.

You will have the opportunity to test all the cosmetics yourself, you will feel like in the SPA center and you will feel the result immediately! :).

There will also be some treats and surprises.


But seats are limited: reserve your seat for beauty party now by registering online or by calling 0888153150.

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