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What milk use I to prepare Shake Formula 1?

  If you do not have a nutrition coach, it is logical to read the label and do what you write there – the shake portion is made with 250 ml of semi-skimmed cold milk (1.5%). With it, the kilocalories are just over 200 and the shake meets the definition of “food substitute”. The best…

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What is alcohol and has a place in our diet?

  I will disappoint you – this is not a guide for proper drinking, no matter how it looks like it. Alcohols are organic compounds containing one or more hydroxyl groups. Knowledge of this, however, will hardly change our appetite for alcohol. I write “alcohols” because there are different species and I certainly do not…

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Culinary Academy

  Healthy Nutrition Training We will offer you some simple and different recipes that you can do quickly and surprise your friends and family. If you want to find out more, welcome to our Culinary Academy! But you must state your presence at 088 8 153 150 or in some other convenient way – places…

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Pancakes with flour of chickpeas

  Sunday. Gali still sleeping tired after yesterday’s very rewarding but tiring day. What a nice surprise her? I’ve already done closer liter of tea for two and wake up, I can win some time. I have not made pancakes soon. Traditional pancakes I do not want. Instead shake for breakfast I can try with…

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12 useful tips that will help you to learn to drink more water

Water is life. There is no dispute. Even who does not know it realizes that this is so. But now we will share with you several proven in practice advice to drink more water. Why do we need this? Answer yourself the question “How much water I drink per day?” And you will see that…

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Healthy Pancakes

Здравословни палачинки

The dosage is extremely important and must be followed exactly! 😉 Products for about 11-12 pancakes: about 2 eggs; about 3 cups water (tea cups – 200-250 ml); about 2 cups (tea cups – 200-250 ml) of flour (of which about 1/3 whole wheat or spelled); about 1 tablespoon of potassium salt or whatever you have;…

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