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Small steps in the right direction

  Small steps in the right direction lead to a big positive change. Do you want to lose weight, overcome fatigue and low immunity, eat properly, be healthy and happy? Sign-Up here: http://bit.ly/galantoreg You will get the chance to enroll yourself or your loved ones in “Academy of Health” or online challenge. Our coach will call…

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Wellness Assessment

  What (doesn’t) the scale tell you… or why does the number in itself mean nothing? Scale! Ah, this scale is the “scarecrow” for most women, and for many men, too. The device that is capable of disrupting or improving mood in seconds. However, the scale does not tell you everything and should not be…

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7 day challenge

  Challenge – game with next level tasks. Our 7 day challenge includes: Package with 6-balanced breakfasts and 6-balanced lunches / dinners. Personal trainer and consultation. Home Video Training. General nutrition recommendations and diet for each of the 7 days Completion of individual tasks. PARTICIPATION FEE – EUR 29.00. The tasks are about sharing a…

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21 day challenge

  21 day challenge is online training and building the right eating habits to achieve certain goals. Contents: Personal trainer, consultation and individual nutrition plan. Thematic video lectures on nutrition. Video workouts for home performance. Sample Healthy Cooking Recipes. Various personal stories. Track the results online or by phone. 21 tea and shake (or aloe…

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10000 steps a day

  You have certainly heard (or read) the advice that it is desirable to strive to walk 10000 steps a day. For most people, this is 6-8 km/day, depending on the height of a person, the speed at which he moves, and his walking habits. Have you ever wondered if this is so? And where…

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