Cell Activator

Cell Activator

Cell Activator

Cell Activator

As its name suggests, it activates metabolism at the cellular level.

It is a special formula that supplies your body with essential vitamins and minerals that are in the perfect combination and ratio to improve your metabolism.

It is extremely valuable for people with thyroid problems because it improves protein absorption.

It is also extremely valuable for people who need to absorb so much protein that the maximum of 30-35 g per meal does not satisfy them. If they have to digest 40-50g, the cell activator is invaluable.

Note: keep in mind that it supports the absorption not only of proteins, but of everything you take – if you eat a chocolate cake with the cellular activator, it will ” sticks’ even better than usual!

It is rich in vitamins from the B series, which help turn food into fuel.

It also contains enough zinc for daily support of cells in energy production and protection from oxidative stress.

It contains essential metabolic components thiamine and riboflavin, which are extremely important for the exchange of carbohydrates and lipids.

It improves blood circulation, participates in the formation of blood cells, is important for the formation of hydrochloric acid, which is necessary for good digestion and the conversion of blood glucose into energy.

Some of the substances important for the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and water are broken down during cooking, so it is important to obtain them from supplements. Cell activator contains all these easily thermally degradable substances.

Symptoms of their lack are fatigue for no apparent reason, pain and hemorrhages in the eyes.

The minerals zinc, copper and manganese also help protect cells from oxidative stress.

The cellular activator can offer you stable support in a hectic lifestyle.

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