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Our club is effectively using different challenges. They are intended not only for people who want to lose weight. They are also useful for anyone who would like to learn more about proper balanced healthy eating. In the challenge each participant receives:

  1. Necessary Products.
  2. Personal nutrition coach.
  3. Individual attendance or online consultation.
  4. Preparing a personal diet.
  5. Thematic video lectures on nutrition.
  6. Video-training for home performance.
  7. Daily short articles on sports and nutrition topics.
  8. Sample recipes for healthy cooking.
  9. Ideas for snacks.
  10. Motivational publication.
  11. Follow-up results.
  12. Permanent relationship with the personal trainer 24/7 – via phone, messenger and video-meetings or live meetings.

This requires only 3 things:
– ACCESS TO INTERNET – so you can participate in our online program;
– ABOUT HOUR PER DAY – to watch our video lessons and work on yourself;
– WISH! Because the program is not a magic pill, THIS IS CHANCE TO CHANGE FORWARD!

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