Did you fail your diet? It’s fixable!

Did you fail your diet? It's fixable!


Did you fail your diet? It’s fixable!

  1. Know that it is possible to “sin”

Each of us occasionally errs while adhering to a diet. But you don’t just want to be punished because you feel you have failed – which will make you give up and lose control completely. Just eating something you shouldn’t eat or exceeding your calorie limit for the day is just a little wrong. Happens. Admit it to yourself, but don’t let things get out of hand. Because if you get enough wrongdoing, the fill will “repeat” you – you’ll be back where you started.

  1. Check out how it challenges you to eat what you shouldn’t

Most people can recognize what makes them eat when they shouldn’t. Stress, for example, is a big factor. When they eat in response to stress, people think that it will make them feel better. And it probably is – at least for the moment. But then, the guilt that puts you in more stress, which makes you eat even more – settles into a vicious circle. Fatigue, loneliness, breakdown, boredom – a galaxy of emotions that can make you eat. Sometimes in your life, the problem is actually a person – who always asks you to eat something “this time only”.

  1. Consider changing your reaction the next time

If emotional eating is a problem for you, work to find another way (s) to deal with your emotions – something that doesn’t include food. People are said to eat in order to “suppress” their emotions, not to feel sad, lonely or overthrown. There are also people who say that the fear of experiencing a certain emotion makes them eat. When they just let the emotion happen – and learn to deal with it – it turns out that it has never been as bad as they thought it would be. When your emotions are getting the most out of you and your food is crying out for support, try to record those emotions instead, call a friend, or play some soothing music. Just a moment separates your diet from going from awesome to terrible! No matter how good your intentions are, you cannot expect to follow your diet perfectly every minute of the day. There will be times when you eat something you shouldn’t have. So the secret is first to find out not only what “gets you off the rails”, but also how to get back “on track”. If you’ve abused your diet – everyone happens to it – here are some tips to help you get back on track.

  1. Speak your kind words

If you ate something you shouldn’t have, and the quiet voice inside you tells you: “You’re such a loser! You will never lose weight! You must be a little kinder to yourself. Tell yourself the same thing you would say to a friend if you offered him your support: “Oh, so you got stressed and you had a donut? This is not the end of the world! Let’s go for lunch and burn some calories and stop eating one salad on the way back. ”

  1. Wait for you to (by) pass

Delay tactics actually work well when you’re tempted to eat something “forbidden.” If you keep a diary of the food you eat, browse through it before giving in to the idea of ​​pleasing yourself. If you think about what to eat and why – it may be enough to stop you and “not to sin”. It also helps if you say that you will wait 10 minutes – until that urge is gone – to see if you will still feel the need to please yourself. Very often you will start to do something and you will completely forget what you wanted to eat.

  1. Get back “on the right track” immediately

Don’t let the whole day slip by. It’s one thing to slip, it’s completely different to fall. If you ate something you shouldn’t worry about – just eat again at your next meal. It’s too late to do something about your last meal – instead, focus on the foods / products you plan to eat at your next meal.

  1. Remind yourself how much you have achieved here

Sometimes after such a “slip” it is nice to “restart the system” – think first of all what motivated you to make changes, what path you went through and what achievements you made. You know how dedicated you are – you are confident that you have achieved your goals because you already have progress. Remember that it is measured in many ways, not just what the scale says. Every time you make the right choice in a restaurant, when you make a healthy lunch, when you refuse a meal you don’t want, or don’t buy a donut when stressed, but just take a deep breath – every time it’s a WIN!

  1. Get out of the gray routine and do something for yourself – you deserve it!

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