Especialy for HAM Radio


The last HAM radio meeting in which I participated left feeling slightly depressing me. All around me were 20-30 (maybe more) kilos overweight.

As they say, “weighed in place.” And the women included.

I will not say for what city it is, do not they take it personally, but then eyeing each HAM, YL and XYL. (In YL I before stares, but in a different way). And the same oppressive feeling to see that almost all radio amateurs are “cool overweight”…

I’m sure that most radio-amateurs think that this is due to stale their lives. Yes, this life at the front of radio and/or computer influences, but this is not the primary.

Equally I am sure that without stress, starvation and diets every radio amateur can achieve and maintain at least a state of body and mind what I achieved and now supports third year already (weight loss 23 kg, 10.5% fat down and more than 70 cm laps less – I would almost certainly entered graduation suit, but did not keep it a try).

But I can not betray him nor morse code (though I pretend it well), nor on SSB or FM.

You will need to make at least the first step, then you can rely on our (me and my XYL Gali) support and advice.

And we with XYL Galya will do your measurement, analysis of measured parameters and current eating habits and we will prepare FREE Diet. We will also advise you on what you need to do to achieve what you have “targeted”.

This offer is valid from Ivanovden to Trifon Zarezan and is only for amateur lovers and their families. It is about Sofia, but if there is more interest, it can also be organized for other cities.

For those who are more interested, the Health Academy starts on January 17th, is held once a week attended and once – online for 6 weeks. The duration of the attendance is about an hour, an hour and a half after working time. Details you can learn from us during metering, analyzing, and preparing your personal diet.

We also conduct online courses in the form of a 30-day challenge.

You can register for one of the forms at There you will also find the differences between the Academy of Health and the 30-day Challenge.

Come in! You may not be alone!

Under the above mentioned conditions, “Measurement and Analysis” and “Diet Preparation” will be free of charge! (of course, without the products themselves included in the regime).


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