Extravaganza EMEA 2020 – Virtual

Extravaganza EMEA 2020 - Virtual


Extravaganza EMEA 2020 – Virtual

We look forward to celebrating the 40th anniversary of Herbalife Nutrition!

The Company has taken into account the current situation regarding Covid-19 and the ongoing restrictions on travel and mass gatherings and has decided that it is in the best interests of our Members and employees not to host Extravaganza in Stockholm.

Instead, for the first time ever, we will host an amazing virtual Extravaganza for the 40th anniversary, which will be broadcast LIVE throughout the region, up to 40,000+ members!

This unique broadcast will be open to all Members and without limiting the number of participants, is destined to become the largest Extravaganza in the history of Herbalife Nutrition!

We will join this special event to see, hear and learn to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of Extravaganza:

  • Personal and special announcement from Herbalife Nutrition CEO John Agwunobi
  • Exclusive training, never seen before, by the Members of the Founders ‘Club and the Presidents’ Club
  • Launch of brand-new Products and the latest NAB trainings
  • Plus, many other exciting messages!

We will also celebrate the 40-year success story of the Company with reviews from our latest talents and Herbalife legends.



Don’t miss the prizes for VIP promotions! There will be no concert, but all VIP qualified will receive special prizes! Details will be announced soon!


Expect program details soon!


If you have already purchased a ticket for the event in Stockholm, you will be refunded the amount from the account from which you paid.