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Why Telegram?

Telegram is ushering in a new era in instant and secure messages and conversations.

  • Exists for almost all operating systems and platforms:
    • PC – Windows
    • MAC – MacOS
    • Linux
    • iPhone / iPad – iOS
    • Android
    • Windows Phone
    • Web based Telegram
  • Telegram allows groups of up to 200,000 people to be hidden from “outside” views (secrets).
  • Telegram allows channels for information dissemination, advertising and publicity available to all.
  • Messages are heavily encoded and can be self-destructed or deleted by you even after they have been sent.
  • Telegram allows you to choose the security level of your calls / messages.
  • With Telegram, you do not need to have all your devices with you to have a secure conversation or messaging.
  • Telegram runs in the cloud, allowing you to access all your messages from multiple devices, including new ones.
  • Telegram delivers messages faster than any other application.
  • Telegram uses worldwide distributed servers without compromising security.
  • Telegram has an open application interface (you can create your own applications that work with Telegram).
  • Telegram is free forever. No ads. No subscription or hidden fees.
  • Telegram protects your messages from hacking.
  • Telegram is powerful – you can transfer any files up to 2.0 GB in size!
  • Telegram allows connection in most remote places, even with poor internet connection.
  • Synchronizes all your calls with all your devices, without the need for some of them to be constantly with you.
  • Keep your personal and business secrets secure.
  • Allows self-destructing messages at a time you specify.
  • Provides reliable feedback.

Follow us to Telegram! Discover the world of Telegram!

You can learn a lot about Telegram on his blog: and frequently asked questions:

Clicking on the following links will open a web-based Telegram. I recommend installing the app for your device and operating system – there are usually more options.

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We also have a secret group, “The Academy of Health”, in which one of the members has to invite you to join.

p.s. What is still called the application – the original “Telegram” or the translation into Bulgarian “Telegrama” is not yet generally accepted and the use of both options is acceptable.