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Frog Works


Frog Works

Frog and hot water

Years ago, an experiment took place in American colleges in three stages:

  1. They put a frog in a pot of boiling water to see if the frog was smart enough to jump out of it. And she popped up.
  2. Then they put the frog in a container at room temperature. She was swimming smoothly, obviously feeling comfortable.
  3. Finally, they placed the pan on the stove and slowly increased the temperature. The frog continued to swim, oblivious to what was happening. The water was getting hotter and hotter. The frog imperceptibly wasted its energy adapting to the temperature, and when it no longer withstood the heat, it wanted to escape but no longer had the strength.

She did not even notice the dangerous situation she had been in for a long time.

Frog works

This is the case with most people.

Maybe that’s the case with you?

Maybe you also exist in your comfort zone? Maybe even if you are disturbed by stress, pollution, illnesses and allergies, you ignore the symptoms or “grease” them with medication?

Some people with heart problems even fail to do so.

But when you read this, you’re obviously not one of them.

You spin on the spiral of your imaginary comfort, bad or a little better and you do not realize that this is getting worse over the years and at one point you come to us: “Well I was fine, but suddenly, what is it became … ”

No, it wasn’t all of a sudden. Your body was “throwing a lot of targets,” but it was easier for you to ignore.

Why should you wait to be forced to do it?

We have already helped so many people get out and feel healthy and happy, don’t you think we can help you too?

Yes, you have to ask for it.

Real life is beyond your comfort zone. You just have nothing to compare it with right now to make that assessment.

If you think this is the case, leave a comment, please – it is good for people to understand that they are not alone with their problems. Those in need will thank you someday.

And remember that we have a solution to almost all problems!