Galanto Member


Galanto Member

You can become member of the club “GALANTO” if:

  • You can or at least want to control your ego..

We’re all “”great””. Everyone is extremely competent in one or another area. For example, the most competent in the management of state are taxi drivers. But to call us, there’s probably why something you could not handle alone. If you want to help, trust us, we know how. We can not tolerate demonstrations your ego at the club, you will need to suppress. If you do – you’re not for our club and we will not invest their time and work with you – coped with the problem yourself and with your ego.

  • You want to start your day with a smile. And do it!

We all have problems. For all of us it is sometimes difficult to start your day with a smile. We do it. Always start your day with a smile. Even if you do not understand why, do it and you! Love to smile! We will find that we have been doing for its requirement. If you do – you’re not for our club.

  • You want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

All objectives of the people in the club, and ours, and yours are related, though in a different way to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. If you do, you’re not for our club.

  • You like to eat.

We are humans. All humans eat. Food is our main tool to achieve all goals. If you prefer to be hungry, to torture with various diets, depriving of one or other food, you are not for our club.

  • You are ready to change your eating habits.

You may love to eat, but do not do it just right. As you read, you know (or think you know) and are assured of that! To contact us, despite their knowledge, obviously you have not achieved the expected results. We can find out why. You will probably need to change your eating habits and should be ready for this change. If you want change, you are not for our club.

  • You maintain high moral and ethical conduct.

Along with the food, high morale is also a fundamental requirement for our club. Do not tolerate any intrigue, gossip, conversations and actions behind the others. Trust, honesty and openness are key guiding principles in our work. We require that you hate lies and self’re always honest with yourself and with others. If you do not like any relationship, you are not for our club.

  • You are tolerant to religious, ethnic, political or any other different views and you are not give yours without serious reason.

In our club is not tolerated in any way whatsoever intolerant religious, political, sexual or other differences between members and visitors. We hold to be “”men”” free and equal. If you do not think so, you are not for our club.

  • You’re ready to study and strive not to miss any training.

We hold your and your training. We know how you can achieve your goals, but to achieve them, you have to learn and you. This is not difficult, but requires persistence, perseverance and willingness to learn. Any missed training is a step backward in knowledge, experience and motivation. Your results are important to us and we also do not want to rebel on their way to them. If you do not want to train, unjust away from training or are constant causes of absenteeism, you are not for our club.

  • You know how or you want to learn to work in a team.

No matter how independent, club members far more effectively work in a team and with increasing success it becomes inevitable. If you do not like teamwork, you are not for our club.

  • Ready for personal development.

Training is very important, but every person is a separate universe. You must know ourselves, or discover in the process of training and to focus on improving what you are missing. Personal development is an important tool to achieve success. If you do not want personal development, you are not for our club.

  • You want to be successful, you’re ready to achieve success and your “guts” to be what you want.

With us you are doomed to success. If you follow what they learn will inevitably achieve it. Thousands of people achieve it – many of them even without education or any special knowledge or abilities. Just act according to what they have learned with us and as recommended by my sponsor. You must be prepared to sustain success and that without pride. If you want success and you are ready for them, you are not for our club.

  • Do not be ashamed to brag about successes.

You will achieve success. You should not be ashamed of them – on the contrary! Share them with others – they too would like, and you certainly want to help them. You do not even need to know how to start, just do not be selfish – praise them and take them to your sponsor who will show you what to do to achieve and they are the same. If you do not want to brag about their successes, we will not love you less and will gladly take for our clients and will help you to achieve personal results, but you’re not for our club.

  • You are ready to comply with the recommendations of its sponsor.

The sponsor is your closest teacher. He will not give you money to achieve your goals. He will share knowledge and skills on how to do it. Sponsor will not keep you by force, he might just remind you. You yourself must be willing to teach you and show when what you need to do. It really just recommendations, but they are given based on more experience and are useful both to you and to sponsor you – certainly in your interest to run them. If you do not want to implement the recommendations of the sponsor, Your right and obligation is not a member of our club.

  • Ready to attend and participate in the activities of the club.

Like any club, our also has its own organisational life. We organise events to fulfil its mission for a better life for as many people. To be effective these events, club members should be actively involved in them. If you do not want to participate in these events, you are not for our club.

  • Follow the rules of the club.

Each organisation has its own written rules, club – too. These rules are the most democratic and are the result of no small experience. Their aim is to minimise conflicts between members on the road to success. Subject to change and everyone has the right proposals, and the owners of the club – a decision what to do. If you do not follow rules, you are not for our club.

  • You meet and every colleague and visitor to the club with a smile and good mood.

Our club has won positivity and positive energy. No smile can be reached only to his front door. Entering the club with a smile, positive energy is transmitted to other members and visitors, and their – you and all gladly come again and again. If you do not smile colleagues and visitors, you are not for our club.

  • You do not fret.

The problems are to solve, not a complaint from them. Complaining, you do not achieve anything other than to deface on the feelings and motivations of others. Look for solutions! If you constantly complain, you are not for our club.

  • You are ready to replace your “closet” if necessary.

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain or increase muscle mass, healthy meal or just a nice holiday and entertainment, you will achieve if you really want to. This often involves a change in clothing. You must be ready for such a change, even if the ads us for culprits. If you’re not ready to change the “”closet”” her, you are not for our club.

  • You are ready to feel unbearably well.

By achieving your goals, you gradually begin to feel unbearably well. That one moment can you be a burden, seeing how struggling people around you while stubbornly refuse to follow you. It is sad, but it happens most often closest you. You need to be ready. If you are stubborn and consistent and doing what they have learned with us, sooner or later they will follow you. Just, unfortunately, still does not hurt them enough. If you are not ready to feel unbearably well, you are not for our club.

  • Beware not to be injured.

Observing learned with us you will be energetic as ever. This may create problems – until recently might have gone barely after a while to run after the trolley. Beware! Such actions will return somewhat in childhood and your body can now not quite the same. You have to train. We therefore recommend and active lifestyle you -can only be beneficial. If you do not strive for an active lifestyle and do not keep, you are not for our club.

  • Love song “The Best” Tina Turner.

This song is key to us in the process of training you will understand why. We hope you like it and become your favourite. If you hate, you are not for our club.

  • You have to register or contact us in any way.

Will arrange a meeting with you, we will do an analysis of the composition of your body and clarify your goals and future joint plans. You’ll have to go a certain minimum training. If you do not register or contact us, we can not understand that these conditions you like and want to become a member of our club.

You do not have to meet all these conditions, it is important that you want it!

We can do a lot together!