Healthy and Happy with Galanto

Healthy and Happy with Galanto


Healthy and Happy with Galanto

Yes, this is the new name of Wellness Club Galanto. We have done this rebranding in the interest of our current and future members, in the interest of our community.

That’s what our Facebook page will be called soon.

One of the main reasons for the rebranding is that the physical Wellness Club Galanto will not exist for now. Almost all activities of the club can and will be carried out online – virtual. If desired or necessary, real meetings and consultations will be held. The place will be negotiated in advance.

The consultations will be carried out by prior arrangement by different means, convenient for both parties – Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype or Telegram.

The training will take place online – in Facebook groups, in   Google Classroom, various Add-ons to WordPress and any other relevant ways.

The products will usually be shipped through Econt unless otherwise agreed.

For all challenges, diets, products and trainings, look for us or one of the coaches in the club – various contact opportunities with us are described at the bottom of the site, in the coaches’ page and on the dedicated contact page. In case you don’t know them 😉

We hope you like the new name?

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