Holiday – Jim Rohn & We

Празничен ден

Holiday – Jim Rohn & We

Today is a truly festive day:

  • Jim Ron was born 90 years ago today;
  • and again today 6 years ago Gali and I became members of Herbalife Nutrition;
  • Herbalife Nutrition celebrated its 40th anniversary in February this year;
  • today Sofia has a holiday;
  • many of our friends have birthdays and name days: let them be healthy and happy!

But let’s limit this holiday to the first two holidays:

September 17, 1930 and September 17, 2014

Is it a coincidence? What do you think?

Jim Rohn (full name – Emanuel James ‘Jim’ Rohn) was born in 1930 in Yakima, Washington.

His life touches the lives of millions of people around the world and helps them change their lives for the better. Today, his books and videos continue to do so.

Not only did it touch our lives, but together with Herbalife Nutrition they changed it completely!

His recommendations were recognized as universal – they are all presented in the form of simple actions that do not require special knowledge and training, but are based on common sense.

“”In order to have more, we must first be something more!””

“”We have to make ourselves a person who does not pursue, but attracts success. The key to success is ourselves – it’s not the economy, it’s not market success, it’s not government or taxes. “”

In 1986, Herbalife (now Herbalife Nutrition) opened on the NASDAQ, and since 2004, shares of Herbalife Nutrition have been listed on the New York Stock Exchange NYSE.

Jim Ron has been the company’s motivational inspiration for many years.

Jim Ron motivates Mark Hughes (founder of Herbalife Nutrition) and the millions of members of the company, which has been successfully operating for more than 40 years in 94 countries around the world.


We ourselves use products before we become members of Herbalife Nutrition. And we are still alive! And more importantly, we feel wonderful, we live well, we have not been ill for 6 years – we are healthy and happy.

And we help many other people around the world achieve what we have achieved. It’s easy.

And we are open for more: we work actively remotely with challenges in which everyone can achieve their goals – learn more and sign up on our phones: 0888152150 – Galina Mihailova or 0889920930 – Anton Ivanov.

With our present we all determine our future, let’s not forget that!


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