How to stop eating sweet

How to stop eating sweet


How to stop eating sweet

There was a time before I started eating the present way, when I was like little children: no matter what meal, when I finished, I got up and started digging through the cupboards for something sweet.

And this thing was repeated every day. This snack of jam lasted about 30 kg. I mean, if I’ve been a little over 80 kg as an adult, I’ve turned out to be 117.

So, while one day I was supposed to support Gali, I joined her in a challenge. I started eating Herbalife. I didn’t feel so sweet anymore, but I guess I had huge gaps in recovery, because I sinned again from time to time.

While at one training I heard a story about how one of Herbalife’s supplements helped the man avoid this desire to eat sweetly, and we decided with Gali to try Thermojetics Yellow.

Now this supplement is only called Yellow.

It contains two things – Garcinia Cambodia extract and chromium.

These two things have a similar effect, maybe that’s why they’re united together. They both suppress appetite, but in a more peculiar way. They stop the action of an enzyme that is normally involved in the conversion of excess carbohydrates into fats.

Because of this, carbohydrates become energy instead of fat.

Because of this, since there are no energy drops, a person does not get hungry between individual meals or with greater physical or mental activity.

Chromium in the daily Yellow portion is 2.5 times more than the daily intake required per person. Apparently, Yellow is oriented precisely to such people with a large deficiency of chromium, because the shake itself provides the necessary daily intake.

Chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels and promotes the metabolism of nutrients and especially carbohydrates.

Garcinia Cambodia (Garcinia Cambodia) is a small tropical fruit shaped like a small pumpkin used as a natural remedy for weight loss and weight regulation. This herb blocks the body’s ability to accumulate fat, suppresses appetite, while also able to maintain blood sugar and cholesterol within normal limits, making it a popular supplement for people prone to developing diabetes and suffering from cardiovascular disease.

In our practice, we are very happy and proud of the effect of Yellow on our close friend, to whom the doctor constantly picked up the dose of drugs and was on the limit of insulin intake. As a result of the balanced diet and with a Yellow supplement after 3 months his doctor was amazed what was happening and began to reduce his drugs back, it is quite possible and no longer take drugs for diabetes at all. This, of course, I say this with the caveat that Herbalife products are not drugs and do not serve the prevention and treatment of diseases.

But we still need to know that in addition to suppressing appetite, Garcinia Cambodia has a beneficial effect on all forms of obesity, possesses the property of reducing levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, thereby supporting the work of the heart and protecting the cardiovascular system from diseases, improving carbohydrate metabolism, reducing feelings of fear, depression, lack of endurance and energy (and physical , and mental).

How to stop eating sweet

For Yellow, we needs to remember two things:

  1. It is a wonderful supplement, but if taken properly. That means:
    • to take the right portion (2 tablets per day) – neither more nor less;
    • to be taken shortly before or at the beginning of a meal – after reducing appetite, there is no point in taking it after we have already stuffed ourselves as a pop child of Suffocation;
    • taken as part of a balanced diet. Recommended on its own can have little or even no effect. For maximum efficiency, certain amounts of potassium and calcium are also needed, which are found in a sufficient amount in the shake.
  2. Its maximum efficiency is even more visible when combined with at least a little more physical activity, in which more energy generated by Yellow is directly expended.