Is our metabolism funny?

Is our metabolism funny?


Is our metabolism funny?

(here in Bulgarian language is a game of words – funny and with reduced speed is the same word)

As a little I thought Charle Chaplin was the most funny, when it turned out I saw that metabolism could also be fun. This may not seem funny, but in a fun way we can speed it up.

Still, how do we know if it’s fun (with reduced speed)?

There are different ways:

  1. Wrestler. We do not recommend it.
  2. Decreased body temperature. This is almost the same – do we need to know the temperature in normal metabolism to see if it has dropped? Well, if it is below 36 degrees, there are great chances to be fun. But if it is well under 36, first pinch it! If it hurts you, it’s fine and read on, if not … But the temperature should also be measured for a certain period at the same time under certain conditions … No, I do not want to do that with you!
  3. Cold limbs. This is not a very reliable indicator anymore. Maybe you’re just loner than you want? Smile more, you will not be cold for a long time!
  4. Extra pounds. Warm! They are a pretty visible sign of slow metabolism, but they are still not quite sure.
  5. After eating, you are asleep. Warmer! By eating, you suddenly want to lie down and have a little sleep. This is related to pancreatic and insulin production, but if you want to learn more about this process, join our support groups (Gali: +359 888 153 150 or Tony: +359 88 9 920 930). So far I do not advise you to get deeper.
  6. Measure with us (see the phones above!). It gets fast, easy, painless. In addition to metabolism, we will measure many other things. The only condition is that you can get rid of barefoot (you have to step on a boss leg).


  • Analysis of current eating habits (free of charge);
  • Basic recommendations for changing (free of charge);
  • Opportunity to join a support group (the option is free, but participation is modestly paid in two installments);
  • Ability to create a personalized diet especially for you (also free of charge, but after completing a brief poll and agreeing to the conditions we will specify at the meeting).
  • Opportunity to participate in a culinary academy, beauty parlors, sports activities (tailored to your physical condition) and other trainings.

Soon I will score a few rows why metabolism is usually fun and how to speed it up, but it’s the other way for the recommendations to be tailored to the specific person and after the measurements – so, do not hesitate to bother us!