Nutrition as a ritual

Nutrition as a ritual


Nutrition as a ritual

6 simple rules with which self-control is easy

Most people think that good lifestyle is a matter of a lot of money, a lot of free time and a strong will.

The truth is that it is a question of priorities and self-control.

In the beginning, the change in our lives is easier with the help of a coach. But neither the coach nor we want this coach to be constantly present in our personal space.

And not because we are uncomfortable – on the contrary, by the time we literally love our coach.

Just man is real when he is completely free. It’s free when it’s your own choices and they’re right!

But how can we keep our motivation to keep self-control unchanged and without a coach?

It’s not that difficult. There are different ways that neither means nor wills are needed. It only needs desire and very little discipline. The rules are purely organizational, do not cost time and money, and everyone can choose what they like.

A basic principle of all the changes we make is to be pleasant and entertained. Under this condition, it will not be difficult for us to live up to them all our lives.

  1. Be engaged and motivated.

How? It is easiest to continue writing our weekly goals and counting on their performance. Everyone chooses when, how and where to record them, but it is important to have them recorded!

As real Bulgarians, it may not be enough to simply pursue some written goals. As long as they do not get us in the pocket, we do not do anything!

And there is a solution to this – place (and put somewhere) on a certain amount of money that you’ll be back and spend at your discretion only if you meet your weekly goal. If you do not, you will go for something else (you choose what). Or you will collect it until you reach your ultimate goal and reward yourself for it.

  1. Turn your nutrition into a ritual

Rituals and traditions have proven to be effective in millennia in various religions, ideologies and wherever, including in family life. Rites have almost all prominent athletes. Each of us has different rituals, more or less secrets, which we are sure are somehow protecting us from failures.

And you got it! Admit it!

Everyone has a way to prepare their tea or coffee to celebrate certain life events in which they do their day-to-day activities.

Scientific studies have found that, no matter how useless or sometimes meaningless, for each person these rituals have a definite symbolic meaning, making them extremely powerful mental instruments.

Rituals increase the enjoyment of every one of our actions.

Therefore, if we direct the power of rituals to the right actions, they will oppose with all their might to temptation.

You have hardly thought, but rituals have been used by our grandmothers to teach us to eat. And we use them for our children. Is there anyone who does not have a bitch train in the saucer as a little child?

It is hardly appropriate to order a “train” on the plate of an official dinner, but there are many other things that we can do and turn into tradition and ritual.

I’ll just give you some examples and let you improvise.

Buy a book about “Good manners” (if you do not). Read the table layout carefully. And do it every time, no matter if you are dealing with it or not (in the beginning there will surely be such moments).

It is obligatory to pour into a large glass of water before everyone at the table. Leave a jug, a carafe or a bottle of water on the table.

Even at home, dress appropriately without justification.

Wait until everyone gathers at the table and then just start eating. You are allowed to drink water during this time.

Do not put any harmful things on the table (sparkling and sweetened drinks and juices (including “natural”), fried and cooked items, margarine, sausages of unknown origin, oily meats and cheeses, etc. for which you have learned on to the Online Club Galanto)

Eat slowly. Try to chew slowly. Every time ever slower than usual. Even count yourself at the beginning (of mind, of course) every bite you chew no less than 30 times.

Do not talk with a full shaft. If you have to say something, chew as much as you can with the current bite, swallow, and then say.

Every time you have to say something or a few bites, leave the knife and fork on the plate for a moment. If any action is repeated, always prior to it, arrange your utensils well in place and then do it.

Do not watch TV or even less on tablets and phones screens.

Create some ritual, even secret (do not tell anyone about it, but do it every time you eat). It must be as simple as possible and inconspicuous for others. The thrill in it is to stay secret for everyone but you.

The purpose of ritual eating is simple – to prolong nutrition. According to science, to get a signal from the stomach to the brain that is already full, it takes about 20 minutes. It is understandable why fast food is prone to overeating, and that’s what we are trying to avoid.

It has been demonstrated globally that rituals in our behavior lead to a high degree of self-discipline and motivation.

Turn Nutrition into a Ritual!

Of course, and in ritual nutrition a balance is needed. The boundary of pleasure must not be overtaken. Both ours and our companions. But applied in good faith and carefully, rituals are a really powerful tool for weight control and good nutrition.

  1. Serve the food in individual portions

More and more often, our table at home is like a “mass-table” – everything on the table, and everybody’s as much as he wants. Perhaps someone is an important element of democracy, but I recommend that everyone has a separate portion. So everyone will know how much he is eating and control.

Try each portion to contain 30% of proteins, 30% of fats (useful), 40% of carbohydrates (including fiber) and always have a glass of clean water in front of everyone. At first glance it looks complicated, with time and experience turns out to be cluttered.

In addition, hosts can put all their creative energy into the presentation of their dishes and surprise the nutritionally friendly.

  1. Make the most of the technology

During the meal itself, it is best for all technological wonders to be “forgotten” in any other room. I mean, they can be used to create a certain rhythm of eating, drinking and sports so as to respond adequately to the circular cycle of our lives with 5-6 meals, enough water and movement.

  1. Follow the coaching rules.

There are no two opinions here – the general rules learned by our coach, as well as the specifics individually drawn up for us during the weekly consultations, have to be respected as much as possible. It’s about what to prefer, what to avoid, how much water to drink, how to sport and everything else we did not do before we met our coach. It is not desirable to take a step back, life is not tango and there will be no second edition.

  1. Continue to work on yourself.

Rituals help a lot for their own cultivation. I will give a simple example. Our generation knows, for example, that urban transport necessarily has to make room for older and weaker people for some other reason.

There is a great deal of satisfaction with this simple act of kindness for both sides.

And this satisfaction is a peculiar acknowledgment of the ritual, which in turn increases incredibly self-control.

(Although this example seems to me to be eternal if it is incomprehensible to younger people, replace it with any good work according to your criteria – for example, waste recycling or otherwise).

The same is true when we try to keep our ritual during the meal – any superfluous step (eg eating something more sweet than we need) seems to us to be unusual and the sweet will no longer look so tempting. Especially if we feed enough slowly and our brain already has information that the body is a sieve.

Six Simple Rules That Everyone Can Observe.

Six, because with them we will be excellent! 😉

If you want to learn more come on to the Online Club Galanto.