Our story with Galya


I will briefly share our story. Our story with Gali.

You will not believe how much we have lost! And it all became fun. Without deprivation and hunger. For the third year we feel and we look perfect. We ceased to be ill. Now I’m working on building my abdominal press, and Gali is trying to get into her favorite dresses from the time before her last burst.

It is also visible in the pictures. This happened in about six months.

Gali pulled down all three sizes of clothes down – she had to replace her entire wardrobe. Now I’m often angry because all of my clothes are wide to me, I love them and it’s hard to break with them. But I have already changed most of them, I will have to replace everything.

It happened three years ago, so many people were asking us what we were doing, so we lost weight so we decided to help our relatives and friends.

For more than a year, we have our own club for healthy eating and active lifestyles and we have managed to help more than 430 people achieve their goals. We have decided to do this as long as we can. Gratitude in the eyes of the people has no price! And they (our forces) are already a lot more than 3-4 years ago and we are sure we will help many more.

All who want to change their lives for the better are welcome to get acquainted with us, we can offer them a free body composition measurement, analysis and general recommendations for healthy and balanced nutrition. And the most serious we will offer a personal (special) diet.

With us people do not starve, they are smiling and positive and they are doing their best!

We prepare nutritional regimens not only for weight loss, but also for gaining weight, for athletes, for gaining muscle mass, for enhancing immunity, for healthy and balanced nutrition. We also do 13 hours a week (hour and a half every Wednesday after work) learning how to eat, how to shop, why diets do not work as we like, how to feed on holidays and coupons and similar topics. We also organize various other events – culinary and cosmetic parties, etc. Useful and unloading things.

Our Club is next to the Russian Monument, 4 Buzludzha Street – Galanto Club. You can call us on our phones: Galya – 0888153150 or Tony – 0889920930 or request from our website https://club.galanto.com or from our Facebook page – Active, Healthy, Elegant with Galanto Club http: / /www.facebook.com/clubgalanto.

Bring smiles and a good mood!

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