Quick Blast Body Weight Circuit Training

тренировка със собствено тегло

Quick Blast Body Weight Circuit Training

A change of season is a great time for establishing new habits and routines, so why not try this do-it-anywhere circuit? It’s the perfect exercise for busy schedules. You can do as much or as little as you like, making it easy to fit a quick session into your daily routine.

Best of all, our Quick Blast Body Weight Circuits require zero special equipment. So, grab your water or Termojetics bottle and let’s get started!

Perform each exercise for 45-60 seconds and don’t rest in between each. Once a whole circuit is complete (all five exercises), rest for two minutes and repeat.

Напади назад в дъга

1. Backward lunge in an arc

Good for: torso, legs, buttocks, abdominal muscles

  • Stand with legs together, arms above your head
  • Step back with your right leg, in a deep attack, arching your body back, feeling the stretch in the abdomen and right thigh.
  • Put your foot back when you return to the starting position, then repeat on the other side

Напади назад с въртене

2. Backward lunge with oblique reach

Good for: core, legs, glutes, obliques

  • Stand feet together, arms overhead
  • Step your right foot back, into a deep lunge
  • Reach down with your left arm, feeling a right oblique stretch
  • Bring your arm back as you return to stand, then repeat on the other side

Планк с протягане напред и настрани

3. Rocking plank with front and side reach

Good for: whole body, balance 

  • Start out in plank position, elbows on the floor, tummy pulled in
  • Shift your weight to your left arm while lifting your right arm level with your face and reaching forward—at the same time, activate your calf muscle by pushing from the balls of your feet
  • Return your right arm to the starting position and repeat, this time extending your right arm out to the side
  • Return and work the opposite side

„Затворнически“ клекове със задържане

4. Prisoner squat holds

Good for: lower body

  • Place feet a little wider than shoulder-width, align hips over knees and knees over ankles
  • Open your chest by gently resting your hands behind your head
  • Squat as deeply as you comfortably can, keeping your upper body upright
  • Maintain the position with core engaged and body weight in your heels for as long as you can (60 seconds is a great goal) before pushing back up from the heels

Лицеви упори „Паяк“

5. Spider push-up

Good for: whole body, chest, back and core

  • Come into a straight-arms plank
  • Lower your torso and as your elbows bend to the sides, bring left knee towards your left elbow
  • Straighten arms to full plank; return left foot
  • Repeat on right side

We will be grateful if you share in the comments have you already tried this Quick Blast Body Weight Circuit Training and what are your impressions – how did you feel before and after it?

Good luck!