Share Their Thoughts

Share Their Thoughts


Now come from meeting with our friends who were first time on the Kick-Off.

They said that so far have thought that in Herbalife most of the people are:

  • Quite adults;
  • Most an overweight;
  • Immobilized due to age and weight.

It turned out something else:

  • Almost all young people;
  • There were a few obese people, but they were so energetic that does not exhibit their weight;
  • Absolutely everyone was extremely moving and vibrant.

Well, there are a lot of adults. For example, I’m 52 years old, grandfather I have a granddaughter in second grade. Can you find me the picture?

I will not torture you to look older than me, even some of them are more youthful of me.

The photo is of our team of Kick-Off 2017 – the event to which you can say we celebrate the beginning of our school year.