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11 free video conferences

  Not all activities can be used from home. Purity, for example, is impossible. You can leave an email with instructions on what to do and how to rest. Or really a pathologist – he also can’t work at home. Well, maybe, but it will be nice for others. Still, we can do a lot…

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7 day challenge

  Challenge – game with next level tasks. Our 7 day challenge includes: Package with 6-balanced breakfasts and 6-balanced lunches / dinners. Personal trainer and consultation. Home Video Training. General nutrition recommendations and diet for each of the 7 days Completion of individual tasks. PARTICIPATION FEE – EUR 29.00. The tasks are about sharing a…

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Sustained Results

(Български) Постигането на устойчиви резултати не се случва за една нощ и е много повече от това да си вземеш един продукт от рафта или OLX или пък да започнеш поредната вълшебна диета.

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What are our people looking for?

  People most often look for us when they want a healthy way to achieve one of the following things:   They are also looking for many other things, but for what – you will learn at our club. We are expecting you!   Please follow and like us:

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Our story with Galya

  I will briefly share our story. Our story with Gali. You will not believe how much we have lost! And it all became fun. Without deprivation and hunger. For the third year we feel and we look perfect. We ceased to be ill. Now I’m working on building my abdominal press, and Gali is…

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Additional Materials for Distance Learning

The site of the club “Galanto” published additional materials to the lectures. They are visible and available after registration and entrance to the registered account. There you can find a form Weekly Report-Menu, which remind that must be replenished daily. Participants attendance training can also take advantage of it and get it printed in case…

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