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Are our products a “chemistry”?

  Have you heard the phrase that our products are “chemistry”? We often hear it. Naturally, people who “know everything” say it. In fact, they do not know anything about our products. I understand them. The main method by which our products are produced is “cold lyophilization”. Nowadays, lyophilization (vacuum sublimation) is the most perfect…

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Why is our metabolism slow?

  From previous publication we understand that our metabolism may be slow. Which is often no fun. Now let’s think why. We are happy that more and more young people are thinking about it. So what are the reasons for slow metabolism? Lifestyle. There is no way, without changing anything in our lifestyle, to expect something…

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For people under epaulette

  Especially for former and current peoples under epaulette and their families: FREE! Please as a comment to share whether you like this initiative or not and, if you like, share it in your facebook profiles or tell her about it to be accessible to more people. We invite all those who are proud of…

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For Photographers – Free!

photo: Zlati Dimitrov All photographers know how it works and how old their techniques are. But do they know how many years their organs work? Those who are fans of the zoom lenses are wondering why they love them? With solid lenses they have to constantly run from one place to another and often have…

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