The 3 Thoughts that Make us Fat

The 3 Thoughts that Make us Fat


The 3 Thoughts that Make us Fat

The formula of “”eat less, move more”” may not work if you don’t take into account the fine body settings.

  1. Low self-esteem

Excessive self-demand overshadows life and affects the waist. Unscrupulous nutritionists make money by making people feel bad and overly critical of their bodies. As a result, a person caught in this trap spends money on pills, weight loss products, buys all sorts of things that do not work.

  1. Emotional overeating

Food gives a feeling of comfort, especially if it is oily or sweet.

Therefore, it is common for many in any incomprehensible situation to look for what to chew. In addition, studies have shown that women often tend to eat unnecessarily during stress, and men try to replace boredom with food.

As a result, you overeat the extra calories that please the brain, not the body, they are transformed into fat.

Emotional overeating can be alleviated by keeping a diet and sports diary.

  1. Initially wrong approach to nutrition

Holders of tight bodies make money through social media by selling weight loss programs and products, no matter what their actual action. Fitness enthusiasts often insist that their followers stop perceiving food as a pleasure and treating it as fuel. Man is not a car. Eating is not a simple calorie count. Taste receptors are not given to us by chance. Already under the road and over the road is full of motivators and influencers, in love with their performance and themselves and sometimes having no idea what they are talking so beautifully.

They can inspire you to eat more chicken breasts, even if you hate them.

But if you hate them, how long will this food strategy last? In a week it will disappear like another non-working thing.

It is much easier to stick to a balanced diet and a little sport, especially considering your personal gastronomic and sports preferences, but the influencer will not waste time doing so. It will tell you common things that may work for you. For a short time. And rather not.

The 3 Thoughts that Make us Fat are also personal.

The real goal is a smooth and painless lifestyle change, and it should be a goal for both sides, and be supported by the social environment of the weakening!