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This program in our club is developing of the “Weight Loss Challenge (WLC)” because goals and results are not only in the direction of “weakening”, but also to improve immunity, sports nutrition and muscle mass gain, fatigue removal, external nutrition (cosmetics), and more.

  1. Nutrition training.
  2. Personal nutrition coach and personal attitude.
  3. Follow-up results.
  4. Preparing a personal diet.
  5. 5 Healthy Dinners (Lunch).
  6. Supplementation – personalized selection of appropriate nutritional supplements.
  7. Individual meetings and consultations with the personal trainer.
  8. Include Online Support Group.
  9. Video training for home use.
  10. Weekly awards and incentives.
  11. Participation in a bonus program.
  12. Motivation and support.
  13. Recognition for best results.
  14. Participation in the Beauty Academy.
  15. Participation in the “Culinary Academy”.
  16. Participation in a shake-party.