Why do we recommend Telegram?

Защо препоръчваме Telegram?

Why do we recommend Telegram?

Nobody pays us anything for that. This is one of its main advantages, that it will always be free and without ads.

We recommend it because we prefer it.

And we won’t talk about the limitations that other similar programs impose on us – maybe everyone has already felt them.

It is strange that we have been recommending it for years to our relatives and friends, and only a few of them accepted our advice (https://club.galanto.com/последвай-ни-в-телеграм/).

You can find us on our channel “Galanto – healthy and happy”: https://t.me/galantoclub or on our personal profiles: Tony: https://t.me/lz3ai and Galya: https://t.me/galinamm

But recently someone has said something somewhere and there is an influx of new subscribers to Telegram. And to be at least a little more prepared, we will list here the main useful things.

Over the last 7 years (https://telegra.ph/tg/evolution), Telegram has protected the private data of people all over the world and redefined what a messaging app can do. Here are some of its features:

Scroll up in this (https://t.me/TelegramTips) for more features.

You can learn all about Telegram in his blog: https://telegram.org/blog and frequently asked questions: https://telegram.org/faq

We also have a secret group, the Health Academy, in which one of the members must invite you to join.

We are waiting for you there!