7 day challenge


Challenge – game with next level tasks.

Our 7 day challenge includes:

  • Package with 6-balanced breakfasts and 6-balanced lunches / dinners.
  • Personal trainer and consultation.
  • Home Video Training.
  • General nutrition recommendations and diet for each of the 7 days
  • Completion of individual tasks.


The tasks are about sharing a photo with products, following up on club accounts, and having a hashtag to identify the club e.t.c.

Payment is made on the spot or by cash on delivery.

The participant performs the tasks, after which the trainer checks the performance and shares a link for the next day.

Call for more information – 088 8 153 150 – Galina Mihaylova or 088 9 920 930 – Anton Ivanov.

You could sign-up at http://bit.ly/7daygalanto

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