Do you quench your thirst with Coca-Cola?


A woman made a real experiment with herself in the spirit of the movie Super Size Me, but not for a month, but for 16 years.

Do you want to know what happens to your body if you do the same thing, Popular Science asks?

A 31-year-old Monaco woman has been admitted to hospital with arrhythmia complaints and periodic loss of consciousness. The level of potassium in her body turned out to be terribly low (2.4 mmol / L given that for a woman her age this value should be twice as high), but despite these symptoms, the woman has no relatives to suffer from heart. However, further research reveals a shocking fact – for 16 years, the woman has not drunk a drop of water.

Instead, she consumed only Coca-Cola.

Obviously the first thing the doctors did was tell her to stop drinking the popular soft drink, and then write a scientific report on the case.

It turned out to be an incredible solution, according to which the woman drank only Coca-Cola. But not as a McDonald’s experiment with Super Size Me, but as a way of life. And not for a month, but for many years.

Of course, after the woman was forced to stop with the carbonated drink, the body gradually began to recover. Within a week, the potassium level went up and the heart rate started to normalize. The case of the woman was presented at a health conference in Europe.

Do you quench your thirst with Coca-Cola?

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