Our in-person meetings and consultations take place in a casual setting at a mutually convenient location or online via Zoom or preferred messenger.

First you share what you want to achieve – lose weight, regain weight or gain muscle mass, a sports program or simply teach your family healthier habits. If you wish, we will ask you to take some measurements of your body, with the help of which we will make a more sustainable nutritional program.

The result of this first meeting is a proposal for a comprehensive program that would ensure the fulfillment of your goal. The more precisely you follow this program, the faster you will reach the goal.
We will accompany and support you in this process. We will track changes in your body. The information that the requested measurements give us are sufficient for the subsequent guidance on the way to the goal.

The better you follow your personal trainer’s guidance, the faster you will reach your goal!

Our mission and goal is to make you healthy, independent and happy.

We will surely not only help you achieve your goals, but we will also teach you to maintain your results and continuously improve them, help your loved ones achieve the same.

The results are 50×50 – they depend equally on us and on you!

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