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Happy Holidays!

  We wish you joyful and unforgettable Christmas and New Year holidays! We wish you all health and great success! But to succeed, you have to do something. You have to challenge at least a little. Success will not “crash” over you while you watch the TV and hold the remote with your hand. This…

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Do we fast or not fast? This is not the question.

  Fasting is a temporary denial of some foods – meat, dairy products, and a reduction in the amount of others – fish, sweet food, and alcohol. Some are fasting for religious reasons, others because they think it’s healthy, third because it’s fashionable. Everyone is the master of his own body. It can cause him…

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Are our products a “chemistry”?

  Have you heard the phrase that our products are “chemistry”? We often hear it. Naturally, people who “know everything” say it. In fact, they do not know anything about our products. I understand them. The main method by which our products are produced is “cold lyophilization”. Nowadays, lyophilization (vacuum sublimation) is the most perfect…

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