Coaches are the “secret” that sets our company apart from others.

By buying products from us, together with them you get a nutrition coach who tracks your results, analyzes them and promptly adjusts your program according to the set goals.

The products themselves are wonderful and it is very likely that you will achieve some goals yourself, but the coaches make a huge difference in the success rate and the time to reach the goals.

In the person of the coach, you gain a friend who is ready at any time to help you, advise you and answer questions, motivate you and guide you on the right path. He himself has already gone down this road and faced the same problems. It is in his best interest that you achieve your goals, and this inevitably leads both of you to success.

Not every Herbalife Nutrition member is a coach. And it doesn’t have to be. But anyone who wants to help other people must start their intensive training and get involved in all the activities of their sponsor in order to be an effective coach.

Currently, you can count on extremely competent help and personal care from:

Galina Mihailova (Gali)

Anton Ivanov (Tony)

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