For Active People

For Active People

For Active People

We have created this category especially for physically active people who are semi-professionally and professionally involved in sports, fitness, or are simply lovers of physical exertion.

It contains supplements that add energy, strength and stamina to their daily routine. Yeah, they’re like that:

  • CR7 Drive Acai Berry;
  • Termo Complete Herbal Tablets;
  • Liftoff Citrus-Lemon;
  • Protein Bars;
  • Thermojetix Tea

Some of them appear in other categories as well.

Although at the moment only CR7 Drive Acai Berry from the 24 series for sports nutrition is available in Bulgaria, other products will gradually enter our country. Also, as Jim Rohn says, a person is not rooted – he can move to another place.

Detailed information in English can be found on the website of I Am Herbalife.

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