Nutritional supplements are food products with a specific specialized purpose and content of micronutrients and auxiliary substances, most often in the form of tablets or capsules.

They are used as part of a person’s overall diet and would not have the same effectiveness if taken alone.

Herbalife Nutrition offers the following nutritional supplements in Bulgaria:

  • Herbalifeline Max (Omega-3 fatty acids);
  • Immune Booster (to improve immunity);
  • Cell activator (improves absorption of certain nutrients);
  • Liftoff – lemon (completely natural energy drink);
  • Microbiotic Max (symbiotic);
  • Termo Complete (herbal tablets with an effect on metabolism);
  • Xtra-Cal (calcium in combination with vitamin D necessary for its absorption);
  • Collagen Skin Booster.

Termo Complete is a particularly effective supplement for physically active people and is included in their group.

Collagen Skin Booster can also be classified as a cosmetic product, as its purpose is to improve the creation of collagen for the needs of the skin.

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