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What are our people looking for?

  People most often look for us when they want a healthy way to achieve one of the following things:   They are also looking for many other things, but for what – you will learn at our club. We are expecting you!  

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Top coaches – 2017

  SPA Weekend – Armira – 2017. Another certificate for which we are proud to be proud of. It is not only our merit, but all those smiling people who surround us 😉 Our team grows and every truly motivated person can become part of it.

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Do you think that Bulgarian Women will are the fattest in Europe for 15 years?

  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Bulgarian Women would be the fattest in Europe (together with the Belgians) for 15 years. In my opinion, WHO does not know the Bulgarian Women at all. The Bulgarian woman, as she gets stubborn, can raise mountains! The bad thing is that with just as much…

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