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About the cost of the miracle

  An eight-year-old child heard his parents talk about his little brother. Everything the girl knew was that his brother was very sick, and they had no money left for them. They moved to a smaller house because they could no longer afford to stay at home after paying the hospital bill. Only a very…

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Small steps in the right direction

  Small steps in the right direction lead to a big positive change. Do you want to lose weight, overcome fatigue and low immunity, eat properly, be healthy and happy? Sign-Up here: http://bit.ly/galantoreg You will get the chance to enroll yourself or your loved ones in “Academy of Health” or online challenge. Our coach will call…

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Wellness Assessment

  What (doesn’t) the scale tell you… or why does the number in itself mean nothing? Scale! Ah, this scale is the “scarecrow” for most women, and for many men, too. The device that is capable of disrupting or improving mood in seconds. However, the scale does not tell you everything and should not be…

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Culinary Academy

Registration Form: https://forms.gle/8KXjSNv3FEZQHztw9 The Culinary Academy is the most delicious part of our events! 🥦Are you wondering how to eat a variety of #tasteful and #food, do you want to # fit? Even if the answer is no, feel free to grab a bite and save # super # delicious # recipes with us! 🥗…

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