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2 simple ways to have an effective immune system

ефективна имунна система

2 simple ways to have an effective immune system As well as the falling leaves, shorter days and cozy evenings, autumn often brings something less enjoyable, too—in the form of coughs and colds. But here’s the good news: you can support the functioning of your immune system in preparation for the colder seasons at every…

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Holiday – Jim Rohn & We

Празничен ден

(Български) Празничен ден – Джим Рон и ние
Днес е един наистина празничен ден за нас: на днешната дата преди 90 години е роден Джим Рон; и отново на днешната дата преди 6 години ние с Галя станахме членове на Herbalife Nutrition; Herbalife Nutrition тази година през февруари навърши 40 години от създаването си; днес София има празник; много наши приятели имат рождени и именни дни: нека бъдат здрави и щастливи!

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Nordic walking

Скандинавско ходене

How to improve our health and shape without shortness of breath and muscle pain Scandinavian or Nordic walking is called quite natural walking with the help of special sticks resembling ski sticks. Although naturally, Scandinavian walking is not called randomly so. It is specific, with certain features and many benefits. History Finnish professional skiers are…

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(Български) Тайната за здравето и дълголетието – в спорта ли е тя?

Тайната за здравето и дълголетието

Sorry, this entry is only available in Bulgarian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Тайната за здравето и дълголетието – в спорта ли е тя?   Задължително ли е да ходим всеки ден във фитнеса или…

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5 Chair Workouts to Try at Home

5 тренировки със стол

  5 Chair Workouts to Try at Home We all know that sitting down for long periods of time isn’t good for our bodies, our posture or our wellbeing. With more of us working-from-home and not being in the office as much, it can be difficult to stay in shape and exercise as much as…

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Кокосов мус „Тропик“

Кокосов мус „Тропик“

  Tropical Coconut Mousse Treat your taste buds to this deliciously tropical dessert that’s bursting with the flavors of summer! It’s low fat, high in protein and quick to make. Enjoy with a side of seasonal fruit or by itself in a bowl and a spoon for one!   Ingredients (For 4 Serves Tropical Coconut…

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9 benefits of climbing stairs

9 ползи от качване на стълби

9 benefits of climbing stairs A good way to melt fat It takes nothing but a desire to start climbing stairs. Even if you live, there is none – you will find somewhere else with ease. Climbing stairs is one of the most effective cardio-exercises for burning calories – it ranks before running (23% more…

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