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  Selenium is one of the most important elements of the immune system of our body. It has unique antioxidant properties. Dispose most dangerous and aggressive free radicals with antioxidants that others fail to cope. Extremely important for the normal functioning of thyroid and general metabolism of the body. It is pointless to try to…

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Pancakes with flour of chickpeas

  Sunday. Gali still sleeping tired after yesterday’s very rewarding but tiring day. What a nice surprise her? I’ve already done closer liter of tea for two and wake up, I can win some time. I have not made pancakes soon. Traditional pancakes I do not want. Instead shake for breakfast I can try with…

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  What is it: 5 km. free, but organized race For whom is this: For anyone wishing without limitation gender and age (incl. Disabled, parents with strollers and dogs on leash) When: Weekly – every Saturday at 9:00 am. Summer or 10:00. Winter time Where: South Park Sofia, see map here Marine Park Varna, see…

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