Galina Mihaylova

I am Gali.

Here is my story.

I am an accountant by profession. A responsible and at the same time very demanding profession.
I was a partner and manager in an accounting firm. And I still didn’t have time.

Tension and stress, working 12 hour days, large amounts of coffee, cola and junk food… I rekindled an old illness – a thyroid problem. I’ve had it since I was 10 years old.

I had to visit a specialist office and take corticosteroids.

The effect was not long in coming. In six months I suddenly gained over 30 kg. And that was the least of the problems. The drugs stabilized my thyroid but ruined my health. In the morning I got up with someone else’s help. I needed time to move. I had no energy for anything. I was constantly tired.

I was 48 years old then. I couldn’t deal with the thought that I would already be a burden on my relatives. I started searching the internet for something natural to help me. Lose the extra pounds and feel good again.

One evening I came across an ad for a nutrition course. I decided that with proper nutrition I would achieve the desired result.

And I’m one of those people who can’t starve and follow extreme diets.
The next day I called. I was surprised – the course takes place in the next entrance, in Emi Milusheva’s club. Emmy became our coach. My husband and I started the course that very evening.

This happened at the beginning of the month of June 2014. We followed the Emmy guidelines strictly. I also had the support of Tony, my husband. Already on the second week I had a visible result. I could get up on my own now. I felt lighter and happier.

In six months, I lost three clothes sizes, learned to drink water, when and what to eat during the day without feeling hungry.

In September of the same year, we became members of the Herbalife company and have been very satisfied customers for almost two years. We loved the products, used them extensively and tried everything.

We started attending other trainings as well. We were learning new things. We liked the community the most. Every meeting with other members filled us with positivity and belief that we too can help the people around us.

In 2016 we started working as coaches, first it was just me and later Tony.
Now I have a lot of energy, I am healthy, I challenged myself and participated in the Sofia marathons. Well yes, only three kilometers away, but for me it is also a huge achievement.

I can already see the results of my work as a coach. I can see the appreciation in the customers’ eyes. I don’t regret for a moment that I left the accounting firm to be part of the coaching staff. Thank you Emi for what you showed and taught us, thank you to Lubo and Bobby for everything they teach us and lead us on the way to success!

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