Products for intermediate snacks (snacks). Some call it “snacking” from “snacks”. But in our country, we are used to “snacks” being usually quite unhealthy foods, and this term is not very widespread. Most often it is about intermediate snacks – eating between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. Sometimes after dinner.

The Herbalife Nutrition mid-snack products available in our country are:

  • Protein drink mix (or PDM from the English abbreviation);
  • Roasted soybeans;
  • Tomato gourmet soup;
  • Protein blocks (bars) citrus lemon, vanilla and almond, chocolate and pistachios.

Protein Drink Mix (PDM) is also used as a base product to customize the amount of protein when making a Formula 1 shake.

Protein bars are also a great energy protein supplement for active people before or after a workout (as recommended by a personal trainer).

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