Protein chips for a slimmer waistline

Protein chips for a slimmer waistline

Protein chips for a slimmer waistline

🌟 Herbalife Protein Chips – tasty, nutritious and with the perfect attractive texture!

🔥 Healthy but also tempting – this is the combination we are proud to present. 🔥

🍽️ Imagine – you are sitting on your cozy terrace, the sun is caressing your skin, and a package of Herbalife Protein Chips is spread out in front of you. The warmth of a summer day merges with the seductive aroma of fluffy chips. 🌞

🤤 Experience the pleasure in every bite! Our Protein Chips are popped, not fried – this means they are 50% less slightly greasythan regular potato chips. And their taste? Oh, he is totally tempting! 🤤

🌱 Contains 11-12 grams of plant protein per packet – perfect for vegans, vegetarians and anyone following a healthy diet. And the pea protein makes them even more special. 🌱

👉 Choose your taste:

  1. Barbecue flavored protein chips: For those who like spicy and smoky. Suitable for vegans, with 11g of protein per serving.
  2. Protein chips with sour cream and onion flavor: For lovers of aromatic and spicy taste. Suitable for vegetarians, with 12g of protein per serving.

🛒Give yourself a gift and order them from Galanto‘s online store:

Support your active and healthy lifestyle with Herbalife! 💪 Supplement your protein needs and make it easier to reach your goals with protein chips! 💪

🌟 All weight control claims refer to theHerbalife Nutrition Weight Management Program, which includes, among other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate fluids per day, use of the need for nutritional supplements as well as adequate rest. The results may be different for different people.

🌟 For more information and discount code, contact your coach.

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