PPP Formula-3

PPP Formula-3

PPP Formula-3

The magic called PPP Formula-3

  • P – personalized
  • P – protein
  • P – powder
PPP Formula-3

PPP Formula-3

Relieved muscles and strength… Want it?

Its magic lies in the combination and dosage of the main ingredients.

In Formula 3 we have 2 main ingredients:

  • 75% soy isolate
  • 25% whey protein

And why is he so much better than everyone else?

Soybeans are one of the few plant sources of protein that provide all the essential amino acids. To extract the protein (so that a concentrate or isolate is obtained), the soybeans are cleaned and dried into soybean meal.

Soy protein improves immune system function and strengthens bones. Soy also reduces the risk of certain types of cancer and heart disease.

Important! Soy for the production of PPP Formula-3 is grown on Herbalife Nutrition company’s own fields and does not contain GMOs!

Whey protein is the most popular protein these days. Whey is a secondary product that is obtained during the production of cheese from milk.

Whey protein improves muscle growth, accelerates fat burning and helps maintain metabolism and the cardiovascular system. It’s also quickly absorbed by the body, making it an excellent choice for post-workout.

These two ingredients alone are very good and useful for our body, but like most things in nature – together they are stronger! Soy and whey protein complement each other perfectly, providing all the amino acids needed for muscle building, not stored as visceral fat.

PPP Formula-3 does not contain flavorings, fillers or preservatives, it does not even have any pronounced taste!

Therefore, it can be added not only to shakes, but also to soups, sauces and other foods to balance the nutritional elements.

PPP Formula-3 helps:

  • restore and build new muscle cells (and not just muscle – it applies to all cells!);
  • to build and restore bone mass;
  • to control hunger and appetite for sweet and pasta foods;
  • to maintain strength and energy during training in active sportsmen;
  • actively break down subcutaneous and visceral fat;
  • to regenerate the skin, hair, nails (which are also made of proteins);
  • in general, actively participates in the regeneration of all human organs and the whole body.

For the most curious – label of PPP Formula-3:

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