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Academy of Health – Galanto

  In the Health Academy of Galanto Club you get: In the Health Academy of Galanto Club you receive:  10-day adaptation period with nutrition training. Personal trainer, personal attitude and individual counseling. Follow-up results. Preparing a personal diet. Possibility for healthy eating (lunch and dinner) and club products test at club prices. Supplementation – personalized…

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Jim Rohn, Herbalife Nutrition and us

(Български) Днес имаме два празника – на днешната дата преди 88 години е роден Джим Рон и отново на днешната дата преди 4 години ние (Галя и Тони) станахме членове на Хербалайф. 17.09.1930 г. и 17.09.2014 г. Случайно ли е? Как мислите? Четете нататък…

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Change Himself

  To lose weight with meal and have fun? This is possible in groups on nutrition and weight control. When trying alone it is difficult to success. Qualitative information about healthy and balanced diet, served professionally and in a different way creates a fun and enjoyable experience for support in achieving the desired goal. Get recognition and…

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Share Their Thoughts

  Now come from meeting with our friends who were first time on the Kick-Off. They said that so far have thought that in Herbalife most of the people are: Quite adults; Most an overweight; Immobilized due to age and weight. It turned out something else: Almost all young people; There were a few obese people,…

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For whom is our Wellness group?

  Our Wellness group is suitable for those who: want to lose weight; do not want to lose weight; want to be surrounded by positive and smiling people; want to help their loved ones to cope with problems in weight or self-esteem; want to make detoxification of their body; want to stop feeling tired and…

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Wellness Group

  What we offer: Analysis of the body – 9 indicators; 13 week course on proper nutrition; Individual programs for weight loss and weight control; Personal nutrition trainer . Do not delay! Fill application and said your participation now! Please follow and like us:

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