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Metabolism: Key to effective weight management

Metabolism is a vital process that converts the food we consume into energy. It is essential for all biological functions in our body, from breathing to thinking. Each of us has a unique metabolism determined by genetics, hostile environment and contaminated products, gender, age, health, weight, activity level, hydration and…

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Holiday – Jim Rohn and Us

Today is a truly festive day for us: Jim Rohn was born 90 years ago today ; and again today 9 years ago Gali and I became members of Herbalife Nutrition; Herbalife Nutrition celebrated 43 years of its establishment in February; today Sofia has a holiday; many of our friends…

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Three of the often overlooked facts about self-weight loss

Three of the often overlooked facts about self-weight loss A calorie deficit is necessary, but not sufficient. Even if you are nutritionally deficient, if you are not providing your body with the nutritional value it needs from food (ie all the nutrients it needs), it goes into “protection mode” and…

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