+359 88 8153150 4 Buzludzha Str. Sofia 1606 (to the Russian Monument)




tel.: +359 88 8153150, email: gali@galanto.com


Gali will always find a way to help you and motivate you to achieve your goals. It will not settle until it really happened.


You just have to trust her and follow her recommendations.


She continued to study and to work on yourself. Attends weekly Academy of success. Do not miss any local or corporate training, which is qualified. She reads a lot and she can direct you to the correct information. Also she can protect you from the avalanche manipulative or fraudulent texts through modern means of communication.


Currently she is WORLD TEAM in Herbalife and CEO (since April 2015) in Galanto Ltd.


Marketing and development in Herbalife:

WORLD TEAM (from November 2015 and now)

ACTIVE SUPERVISOR (from October 2015 and now)

SUPERVISOR (from November 2014 and now)

QUALIFIED PRODUCER (in November 2014)

SUCCESS BUILDER (in October 2014)

SENIOR CONSULTANT (in September 2014)

MEMBER / CONSULTANT (in September 2014)


Before you indulge fully healthy eating and an active lifestyle she was CEO and co-owner of the accounting company Milado Ltd. – Sofia, Accounting and Control – PIOR – Varna, Accounting and Control – Bulgarian Posts – Varna.


And here’s her testimonial.