Before I drinking water just as there is in coffee. Exercise quite rare. Not having breakfast or I bought banichka from a directional tea-house. At noon I ate only if you have time to do that. Or the morning I bought two banichka’s to have for lunch. My dinner was sumptuous. I love to eat slowly and to rest from the daily stress while having dinner. But I felt how much food I took when I got home from work hungry. I felt constantly tired and had no desire to do anything except watching a film on television. But what I could not do because I fell asleep almost immediately.

Program for weight management Herbalife includes, among other things: a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate daily fluid intake, dietary supplements where necessary and appropriate rest. Individual results vary.

Now start your day with tea and aloe smoothie. While I was in a group dinner also I shake drank fiber and herbs, and now I allow myself and another type of dinner; but already use the full range of products – food, supplements and even cosmetics as it is convinced of their great effect. Dinner several hours before bedtime, but not for dinner earlier, and because I am full of energy and working until late at night, often until midnight. Pia calmly 3-4 liters of water according to its commitments. I eat 5-6 times a day. Do not lead a particularly active lifestyle because of the many other commitments, but at least I try to go more on foot. I did not use the card loyal customer of the pharmacy in the summer when you buy sunscreen. I had to update her wardrobe, as all my clothes were great – I lost weight 7.5 kg and 54 cm in tours and maintain this state by mid-2014

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At first I did not think to do this, just I loved all Herbalife products and used them entirely. But I started to feel as good as decades ago. I wanted to share this with my loved ones and teach them what to do to feel they like me – energetic, healthy, strong and active. That was the reason I became a wellness coach and consultant on nutrition in Herbalife.

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