10000 Steps per Day

10000 Steps per Day

10000 Steps per Day

You have surely heard (or read) the advice that it is desirable to aim to walk 10000 steps per day.

For most people, this is 6-8 km/day, depending on a person’s height, speed and walking habits.

And have you asked yourself if this is so? And where does the number 10,000 steps per day come from? And what happens if we overdo it or fall short of it?

If we delve into the history of this number, it turns out that it was chosen quite randomly. Its origins date back to the 1960s, when the first pedometer was put on sale in Japan – its description listed such a recommended number of steps per day.

There are no scientific claims that this is the correct number of steps.

On the contrary, if you have recently started a training program and you decide to reach this number of steps, but for some reason you do not succeed (weather, route, broken pavements, etc.), this can be quite demotivating.

If you swim, bike, or do any other sport, your activity cannot be measured in steps, and it’s probably not small at all. But exactly how many steps to subtract from the 10 thousand? This is an interesting question.

Also, each person is a “separate universe”, there is no way to give a general recipe for everyone.

Therefore, we recommend preparing a personal program, along with proper hydration and a balanced diet, tailored to his individual characteristics in body structure and his current lifestyle and planned training. In the Galanto club, we can prepare such a program for each of our members, depending on their wishes.

Our practice shows that the desire for active sports appears only when a person has lost some weight – it is difficult to do sports with a bag of cement on the back 😉 – therefore we give priority to the diet and the initial guidelines for lifestyle changes. Of course, it would be best if sports were included from day one of the change.

But you will learn all these and many more interesting things with us – have you registered yet?

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