Do Small Pebbles Prevent us from Being Happy?

Do small stones prevent us from being happy?

Do small pebbles prevent us from being happy?

Once, while untangling his nets, a fisherman accidentally released the spirit from the lamp, and he said to his rescuer:

– I will fulfill three of your wishes, this is your reward. What do you want first?

“I wish I were wise enough to choose my other desires in the best way possible,” replied the fisherman.

“So be it,” answered the spirit. – Now tell me your second and third wishes.

The fisherman thought for a moment, then said:

“I don’t need anything more.” Thanks.

Have you ever thought that sometimes less means a lot more?

And that the more simplicity and moderation there is in our lives, the more easily we move through it.

It must have happened to you while walking in the park that a small pebble slipped into your shoe. It’s unpleasant, isn’t it? But although annoying, you leave it there and even start to get used to it.

Now consider this: In the same way, as we move through life, we come across little “pebbles” that get in the way and hurt us. And the most paradoxical thing is that instead of throwing them away, we just move them somewhere aside, where they bother us less. Because we are sloppy, because we are in a hurry, or because to remove them, we have to stop for a while.

Once it has slipped into our lives, although it causes us discomfort at first, the pebble becomes our companion. And we get used to its presence to such an extent that we almost stop noticing it. And sometimes we go even further – we get attached to it!

And do you know that more pebbles, small and large, sharp and rounded, get inserted into our shoes… And they start to injure our feet and prevent us from moving easily and calmly through life.

Wondering what these pebbles are?

1. Some pebbles are in the mind. These are the prejudices and prejudices regarding the world and ourselves. They are a burden that prevents us from enjoying all the opportunities, growing, learning and rushing into new experiences. Therefore, revise your beliefs and eliminate prejudices. They don’t just prevent you from moving with ease. They prevent you from flying!

2. Pebbles also sneak into the heart. These are the unwanted or toxic friendships and relationships that drag you down. People who limit you or bring pessimism and bad mood into your life. Reevaluate your relationships and friendships. And throw out those of them that do not allow your life to be filled with joy and ease.

3. Useless and unnecessary things are also stones that weigh us down, although we rarely realize this. We buy thousands of unnecessary things – sometimes for the sake of possession or because they make us feel alive. But even if we see some benefit from them, most often these objects just clog up our living space. These are fads that only complicate our lives and most often lead to permanent debts. And this is a serious burden.

4. And those pebbles that accompany us in everyday life – laziness, resignation, indifference – can lead to neglect of health and apathy towards everything and everyone. They are barely noticeable stones, but over time they become more and more dangerous. Because like a snowball rolling down a slope, they gradually become so large that their effect is catastrophic.

Don’t let all these pebbles fall into your life. Or if this has already happened, stop for a moment and throw them away. This way you will move much more comfortably and confidently through life. You will walk with ease and remember the feeling of joy.

That simple joy you were born with. And who is always with you.

On this occasion, the American philosopher and psychologist William James said: “To be wise is the art of knowing what to ignore.” This statement seems logical, but we all rarely stop to throw out the pebble that has gotten stuck in our shoe and continues to hurt us and hinder the ease with which we move.

What to do?

Make a list of the burdens that are holding you back and making your life difficult.

  • What are the pebbles that plague your mind?
  • What pebbles have slipped into your heart?
  • What are your heavy stones?
  • And the everyday ones?

Make a plan to let go of one of these burdens each week.
And don’t forget: He who walks lightly goes far.

Retold from “An Invitation to Joy” by Francesc Miralles and Alex Rovira

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