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Tony is from our coaches who speak little, but who knows a lot. And yet he knows how to manage his ego – not intrude with their knowledge and skills. He tries to teach the same his customers and he measure it as one of the most difficult tasks.


He continued to study and work on yourself. Attends weekly Academy of success. Do not miss any local or corporate training, which has qualified.


Currently he is WORLD TEAM in Herbalife and CEO (since April 2015) in Galanto Ltd.


Marketing development in Herbalife:

WORLD TEAM (from November 2015 and now)

ACTIVE SUPERVISOR (from October 2015 and now)

SUPERVISOR (from November 2014 and now)

QUALIFIED PRODUCER (in November 2014)

SUCCESS BUILDER (in October 2014)

SENIOR CONSULTANT (in September 2014)

MEMBER / CONSULTANT (in September 2014)


Before you indulge fully healthy eating was CEO at Garant-D Ltd., a PHOTOJOURNALIST in Bulphoto Agency, PROJECT MANAGER at Proventus Energy Bulgaria Ltd., PROCURATOR in GeoPower 2 Ltd, PROJECT MANAGER in GeoPower Ltd, HEAD OF DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT for C4ISR in HQ (Colonel Eng.) DEPUTY CHIEF and CHIEF ENGINEER of Development Department and introduction Army (Colonel-Eng.), HEAD OF CALL CENTRE of the Ministry of Defence (Major-Eng.), HEAD OF RADIO RECEIVING CENTRE of Ministry of Defence (Captain-Eng.) HEAD OF SPACE COMMUNICATION STATION in HQ (Senior Lieutenant-Eng.).


Not content themselves with purely professional development, public activity includes Board Member of the Bulgarian Wind Energy Association, Board Member of the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs, Member of the G-QRP-Club


He did not miss and Education: Strategic Management – MU – Sofia; International law – DILLS – Newport, USA; Management of International Conflicts – USDIP – Washington DC, USA; Communication and Information Systems and Information Security – BA – Sofia, NATO CIS&C4ISR – Latina, Italy; Communication and Information Systems – National Military University in Veliko Tarnovo; PMG Vasil Drumev – Veliko Tarnovo (gold medal).


There are also quite versatile hobby: Radio amateur – LZ3AI, IT, Communications, Information security, WEB-design, Photography.


He has also participated in an extremely interesting “unconventional” projects and he can tell you things that nowhere else you learned. Or at least you would not have learned the truth. If you can predispose him to it.


And here is his testimonial.


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